Biennale of Research: Transformations, Collaborations

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Welcome back to Moose on the Loose!

Initiated in 2013 by the UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC), the Biennale’s mission is to celebrate research in its broadest sense across UAL and with selected external partners. In 2017, Moose will form a part of UAL’s Research Fortnight. Moose encompasses individual researchers, collaborators, and also research taking place in libraries and archives. Building on PARC’s own mission to both produce and encourage high quality and innovative research, to mentor and to act as an ideas lab, Moose is bespoke and outward facing. It acknowledges that in an age of measuring and quantifying, that research is still magical, telling stories, exploring ideas, asking questions of the world around us. This year, we are pleased to welcome Sara Davidmann as a guest curator, who has worked with Val Williams and the Moose team to create the 2017 programme, with the exhibition Ken. To be destroyed as the Moose lead show.

Moose 2017 includes exhibitions, a new film festival working with LCC’s MA students, book launch, an exhibition of LGBTQ+ zines at LCC Library with a reading group and a tour, studio visits, workshops and demonstrations, plus the second iteration of Shadows – exploring the use of analogue by contemporary artists, plus a new work responding to Ken; To be destroyed from typographer Alex Cooper. We will be present in spaces across UAL and externally, from the Upper Gallery at LCC to the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury (as our Moose on the Road partnership with Christ Church University) and incorporating the Book Launch 2017 at St John on Bethnal Green in the East End of London, a new project from Max Houghton and Lewis Bush, and an intriguing talk at the Frontline Club.

Moose on the Loose is a PARC project. Moose is free and you’re all welcome.