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SHADOWS II: Natural Transformations

10 March

Through a series of short presentations from contemporary artists and scientists, this symposium will explore the relationship between traditional photography processes and natural transformations. This symposium considers how contemporary artists use natural materials and phenomena to create photographic images.

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Keynote speaker Susan Derges will contribute to the conference digitally, sharing a number of her projects including “River Taw”, which explores the relationship between photography, time and the directional flow of a river to the sea.

Keynote speaker Garry Fabian Miller will talk in conversation with Almudena Romero about his relationship to Dartmoor both as home and a place of discovery and meaning. A site where the daily exposure to light illuminates a mind from which pictures may then appear in a Dark Room.

Walter & Zoniel present their “Pro-Creation” series, which consists seven salt prints of the planets representing the seven Welsh days of the week. Salt is taken from sex cells of the artist bodies and applied to paper which is then combined with silver nitrate in the darkroom.

Nettie Edwards will share her project “Hortus Luscis”,  involving residencies at Lacock Museum of Photography and Painswick Rococo Garden, where she has created anthotype prints from plants and flowers found in the gardens.

William Arnold will present “Surburban Herbarium”, a project which focuses on the idea of contemporary wilderness. This work consists of a camera-less photographic study derived from a psychogeographic botanical study of suburban Truro.

Oliver Raymond Barker will show a number of works, including his project “Natural Alchemy”, which utilises the unique properties of plants, rocks, minerals and metals to create his artworks.

Corinne Silva will share her latest project “Rocks and Fortresses” , explaining how she collects soils from worldwide locations to use as a pigment. The resulting prints not only replicate exactly the colouring of the landscapes they depict, but are also materially part of them.

Shadows Convener and LAPC Co-Director Melanie King will then discuss her work “Celestography”, a research project which involves direct interactions with celestial objects using photographic processes. Recent projects include photographic etchings made from meteorite fragments, and a series of photographic prints caused by the Sun, Moon and stars.

Artist Myka Baum will talk about her ongoing interest in involving nature itself in the image making process. Baum’s processes have included the corrosion of film under compost, corrosion of prints in saltwater and planting crops into and through photographic prints. She is currently attempting to capture the movement of earthworms.

Free. All welcome. This is a very popular event so booking is essential.

This event is part of Moose on the Loose 2017 and is organised by London Alternative Photography Collective in partnership with UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC).


Run Times

12:00 Introduction to the London Alternative Photography Collective, Natural Transformation Symposium and Moose on the Loose
12:15 Susan Derges Digital Contribution
13:00 Corinne Silva
13:20 Nettie Edwards
13:40 Break
14:00 Garry Fabian Miller and Almudena Romero, In Conversation
15:00 Break
15:20 Melanie King
15:40 Oliver Raymond Barker
16:00 Willam Arnold
16:20 Myka Baum
16:40 Walter and Zoniel
17:00 Summary by Martin Barnes
17:10 Questions


Corinne Silva, From the series "Rocks and Fortresses"
Opening Times

10 March






Lecture Theatre A
London College of Communication
London, SE1 6SB United Kingdom

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